Day: November 15, 2019

What Does Losing 60 Pounds Look Like?

With the intention to get my new everyday points allowance, I had to weigh in. I wasn’t planning to weigh-in right now since I normally do on Thursdays, however I had to in order to know what number of points to eat every day on the brand-new system. I lost 2.2 pounds since Wednesday, which took me to -61 pounds! I’m thrilled with that progress.

Tomorrow is my 7 month WW anniversary, so that averages out 8.7 pounds per 30 days, or 1.9 per week. I’m right on observe and am shedding this weight at a wholesome charge, which is an important factor to me. Here is a slide show of what shedding 60 pounds seems to be like on me!

  • Eight ounces of recent water
  • Jess Sims (@jsimsfit)
  • No GPS
  • Mid-Range: $2500-$3000
  • In case you are self-conscious about exercising in the company of others, begin at home
  • It makes it attainable to work the bottom of your pectorals

Okay, now I’ll write a bit of about WW’s new program. I’m not going to write down out the formulas to calculate points or work out what number of factors it is best to get (WW didn’t even give us that information anyway!). I’m going to encourage you to affix WEIGHT WATCHERS if you should shed extra pounds. It works. It really, really works and it is straightforward to do! I promise I have not suffered while shedding this weight, not at all. I don’t have any paychecks coming from Weight …